Study organisation

After the Baccalauréat, the university courses are organized as follows: the Bachelor's degree (License in French) is taken in 3 years, then the Master's degree in 2 years. More precisely:
  • First year: Bachelor first year (Licence 1ère année in French) (L1)
  • Second year: Bachelor second year (Licence 2ième année in French) (L2)
  • Third année: Bachelor third year (Licence 3ième année (L3)
  • Fourth année: Master first year (M1)
  • Fifth année: Master second year (M2)
  • Years six and up:  PhD (thèse de doctorat in French)

The academic year begins in September and ends in June. The majority of courses are organized in semester periods of 12 weeks (September - January for the first semester and February - June for the second).

Specific conditions

You have the same rights and treatment as French UPS students. The differences are as follows:

  • registration and payment of fees at your home university
  • registration at UPS with exemption from registration fees and enjoyment of the same status as UPS students (transport ticket, accommodation allowance, university restaurant, etc.).
  • conditional on satisfactory examination results, recognition of the courses taken and award of the diploma by your home university. The host university will provide you with "attestations of success" and/or transcripts which will then be validated by your home university. Your home university will ultimately award you the degree if you pass.