The Interactions of Computer Science and Mathematics for AI (IMA) course aims to train experts in the field of AI, with the particularity of combining fundamental scientific skills in both mathematics and computer science.  Students will be able to face underlying mathematical problems, but also to develop efficient industrial computing and technological solutions for problem solving involving AI. In the first year of the Master, the training is balanced between the two areas: algorithmics, language theory and machine learning on the computer side, probabilities, statistics, optimization, and simulation on the mathematical side. The second year has the particularity of offering students the opportunity to choose some of their courses from a list of options, and possibly color their training more towards mathematical aspects (eg. design of experiments, uncertainty analysis), or computer science (eg processing of various data, computer graphics, AI and decision making). The teaching provided in this programme will be built on a strong pooling of contents with the IAFA programme for the Computer Science section and the MAPI3 programme for the Mathematics and Applications section. The programme offers a gradual increase in skills in these two areas in connection with AI. Entry into the IMA Master course is open (upon admission) in priority to students holding a "license" (bachelor) with a double competence in Mathematics and Computer Science (or equivalent) and possessing, among others, skills in the following fields: Notions in Probability, Statistics, linear algebra, analysis. Notions in Imperative Programming (Python, C), algorithmic


The IMA master course has obtained the ANITI label.