On this page we provide some links to sites which could be important for the prosecution of the studies of our students.


The EUR project MINT  and the CIMI Labex are offering each year some grants at the Master 1, Master 2 and PhD level.
The deadline for applications for PhD grant is March 12, 2021.

PhD funding for 2021:

  • (Deadline February 28, 2021) Doctoral fellowships in mathematics, theoretical computer science, mathematical and theoretical physics in Saint Petersbourg
  • (Deadline March 1, 2021) The University of Antwerp invites applications for a 4 year PhD fellowship in noncommutative algebraic geometry and algebraic topology with a flexible start date, 1st of June 2021 or as soon as possible after that date. The research will be supervised by Professor Wendy Lowen at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Antwerp, Belgium.
  • (Deadline May 2021) The CEMPI (Lille) contributes each year to the funding of several three-year doctoral fellowships on research themes of the Center. 

Ecoles doctorales

Here is a list of webpages of the "Ecoles Doctorales" of french universities (first one is Toulouse, then in alphabetical order of the cities).

Ecole Doctorale Mathématiques, Informatiques et Télécommunications de l'Université Paul Sabatier

Ecole Doctorale Mathematiques et Informatiques de Bordeaux

Ecole Doctorale de Caen

Ecole Doctorale de Sciences Fondamentales de Clermont-Ferrand

Ecole Doctorale Grenoble Alpes

Ecole Doctorale Sciences Mathématiques de Paris Centre

Ecole Doctorale Mathématiques et STIC Comue Paris Est

Ecole Doctorale de Mathématique Hadamard

Ecole Doctorale Paris-Saclay

Ecole Doctorale de Cergy-Pontoise

Ecole Doctorale de Lille

Ecole Doctorale InfoMaths de Lyon

Ecole Doctorale en Mathématiques et Informatique de Marseille

Ecole Doctorale Montpellier

Ecole Doctorale de Nantes

Ecole Doctorale de Nice

Ecole Doctorale de Pau

Ecole Doctorale MATISSE à Rennes

Ecole Doctorale Mathématiques Sciences de l'Information et Ingénieur de Strasbourg

For a complete list of the Doctoral School in France, visit the following :


Applied maths

Concerning the CIFRE funding system you will find a lot of useful information here:


Site of AMIES (French associations of applied mathematics)


Page of job offer of AMIES :


Job offers outside France

MathJobs (AMS mathematical jobs portal)

European Mathematical Society Jobs webpage

Jobs openings on the Swiss Mathematical Society webpage


Societé Mathématique de France  http://smf.emath.fr/

Images des Maths http://images.math.cnrs.fr/

Institut National de Sciences Mathématiques et Interactions (INSMI)

Operation postes

Positions opened in mathematics at CNRS