This is the homepage of the Master 2 "Research & Innovation" of Applied and Pure Mathematics in Toulouse


Réunion de rentrée / First Meeting of the year 2022-2023

The very important first meeting where we give many useful informations will take place Monday, September 5th 2022 at 10AM, room G52 building 3A (first floor below amphi Ampère). 
Lectures will start the same week.  


For any information you may contact by e-mail one of the following teachers in charge, according to whether you are enrolled at Université Paul Sabatier (UPS), INSA or ISAE:

For UPS Students

    Clément Pellegrini , Probability and Statistics, Clement.Pellegrini AT
    Julien Royer, P.D.E, Numerical Analysis, Control theory, Julien Royer julien.royer AT
    Stéphane Lamy,  Algebra, Dynamics, Geometry, Topology,  slamy AT

For INSA students :

    Charles Dossal, Orientation "MMN", dossal AT
    Aldéric Joulin, Orientation "MMS", ajoulin AT

For ISAE students :

    Denis Matignon, Option "Détérministe", Denis.Matignon AT
    Xavier Gendre, Option "Aléatoire", xavier.gendre AT

(replace the AT by @, without spaces)

All other informations and postal mail have to be sent to the

UPS - M2 RI administrative office:  M. Clément NICOLAS
e-mail: clement.nicolas2 AT
Secrétariat du M2 Research and Innovation
FSI, Bâtiment U6 (MRL), Université Paul Sabatier, 31062 TOULOUSE Cedex 9
Phone: + 33 5 61 55 64 12    (05 61 55 64 12)