Our curricula have a broad spectrum of goals ranging from mathematics applied to engineering (see the MApI3, SID, IMA, RO, RI masters),  to  research (see RI, IMA, RO, and MApI3) or teaching (see ES).

Typical engineering positions obtained by our alumni are project manager, market researcher, engineer and researcher in productive sectors as industry, services and marketing.

Teaching positions are mainly in high school, but also in university and in "classes préparatoires".

The research can be either academic, theoretical or applied, or be adressed to innovation and developpement in the private sector.

Be it for engineering, teaching or research, the number of students formed in mathematics in France is quite lower than the number of open positions.
Hence, insertion of our students is excellent.

Coordinator of the masters in Mathematics and Applications : Francesco Costantino

Since 2017, the conditions for admission have changed. More informations.